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What we do

To help free up your time.

Outsourcing, Insourcing, Co-sourcing and Recruitment are terms that underpin the nature of our services.

Outsourcing enables you to become more productive and successful as it frees up your time and effort to concentrate on your business’s direction.

Insourcing enables you to bring the expertise into your office, such as a temp administrator, project manager or virtual CFO.

Co-sourcing is our most popular service.  This is where we dedicate one of our permanent staff to your business and they work both at your location and ours.  These staff are shared around multiple businesses.

Each have their benefits, increasing efficiency, improving company flexibility and certainly enabling a company’s ability to focus more on their core competencies. Our services bring greater focus to the core and strategic tasks within your business. Imagine having the ability to scale up your team and capabilities – on demand.

When you outsource your payroll or administration to us we only charge for ‘time on the job’ so if your task takes us 35 minutes, you’ll only be invoiced for 35 minutes. You only pay for the time we spend on the job, and guess what we are fast. We find out how your business ticks so we can promptly work effectively as part of your business.

Your business may be growing but you’re not at the stage to warrant hiring a full time employee. You can choose to outsource on-going tasks to us. We will effectively become part of your team taking care of any work that needs doing without costing you employee benefits, office space, equipment, training requirements or leave entitlements. And when you get to the point of needing a full-time employee internally we can recruit the ideal candidate for you to fit your business culture.

Here’s a comparison of Outsourcing your administration to us vs hiring a part-time administrator

Rezource Employee
You only pay for time worked
Provide exceptional service to be a valued long term provider
No extra office space or resources required
No down time with breaks
Tax deductible
Requires legal advice and close attention to dismissal procedures to terminate if things turn pear shaped
Must provide training and requires supervision
Must conduct regular performance reviews
Must provide facilities and equipment to do the job
Morale and workplace stress related issues
Can hire right now, and will start working for you today if needed
Can cease the relationship immediately without the need for process or notice periods

Our Services


We will work with you to ensure all your administration tasks are completed efficiently and accurately. Your data is entered, payables are paid and receivables are sent out on time. Your GST is filed and reports are compiled.


We provide a service that liaises between you, the business owner and your accountant to ensure your bookkeeping and accounts are up to date, tidy, reconciled and ready to deliver to your accountant.


Is your business expanding faster than you can keep up? Maybe you’re experiencing some complexity in a new area? Our staff can support you in your areas of need.


Human Resources is crucial to ensuring your business runs like a well-oiled machine. We’ll ensure you recruit the right people for your business. We can also review your systems and processes to maximise efficiency.


Want more time to spend on parts of your business that really matter? Outsource your payroll to us. We run an efficient and accurate service where we maintain all your payroll and employee data, or alternatively, we can set you up an independent payroll system.


Finding the right person to fit into your workplace culture who will diligently do the job to a high standard can be hard. But we’ve got them ready and waiting. Just let us know the length of your placement and we’ll source you a quality, cost-effective solution.